Making progress in reading

I am on a mission to improve the reading abilities of the children in my new class.  I have al ways heard individual reading books and worked with guided reading groups as well as comprehension activities, class books, reading time, read the room etc but feel that there is so much more I can be doing.  Recently I have been looking into the American system of ‘Daily 5’ which seems a good way of working on reading in groups.  From September, our Year 2 classes will have weekly challenges added into their home reading records encouraging them to take part in reading response activities at home linked to the books they are reading.  These include writing a short diary entry for one of the characters, writing them a letter or designing a birthday card for them.  I hope this will help the children to engage more with the books they take home.  Has anyone else looked into the idea of ‘daily 5’ and whether it would suit the year 2 classroom?

Here is a link to information about the daily 5


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