I’m going on a…text feature hunt! Freebie ahead!

I Love Labels (Don't You?)

It’s been a while, so I figured I would start this off with a freebie. Head over to my TPT store to grab the Text Feature Hunt Freebie, which I’m going to explain right about….now.

Ok, so this past month, it was time to really get my kids understanding and using text features as they read. I’ve talked about text features nonstop since the beginning of the year, but we finally came across a text in Reading Street that heavily focused on text features. It was the perfect opportunity to get my kids on a hunt for text features. It was too much fun to see the lightbulbs go off as they realized “So, I HAVE looked at graphs before!” or “So that’s called a subheading, huh? Never knew!”

After introducing the topic, going through some examples together, and finishing up whole group instruction for the day, it was…

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