Super improvers

Having looked for a rewards system that isn’t too inflexible in what it rewards, I came across the idea of the ‘super improvers wall’ which is part of whole brain teaching. The system reminds me of earning belts in karate. Everyone starts on white and works their way up through the colours. The idea is that each child’s name is displayed on the wall starting on white card. The children earn stamp/stickers on their cards for showing improvement in any area you choose- this can differ according to each child so each child has an equal chance of making progress at their own level and rate. When they have earned 10 stamps/stickers on their card, they move up to the next level and their name card is changed to the next colour. I am going to try it with my new year two class. There is lots of information online- Pinterest has lots of examples of how this has been used in America. I will be interested to see how it works! 

Example of super improvers – Miss Nelson’s blogspot


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