Pinterest teacher ideas

pinterest is my favourite place for ideas about anything. I can lose days there! A lot of the ideas are American but can be easily altered to fit the UK curriculum. Here is a list of teacher pinners that may be worth a look.

Whole brain teaching

I have been really interested in this since I saw some clips on youtube of people using whole brain teaching ideas.  There are lots of clips of a former teacher called Chris Biffle explaining and demonstrating the ideas.  I love the ‘super improvers board’ idea – where every child can be rewarded and praised for progress they make in any area you choose during the school day.  There are lots of examples of great ‘super improvers boards’ on pinterest – fantastic for inspiration.  I would like to have a go at using it with my year 2 class this year and will see how it works out.

Here is a link to more information

Making progress in reading

I am on a mission to improve the reading abilities of the children in my new class.  I have al ways heard individual reading books and worked with guided reading groups as well as comprehension activities, class books, reading time, read the room etc but feel that there is so much more I can be doing.  Recently I have been looking into the American system of ‘Daily 5’ which seems a good way of working on reading in groups.  From September, our Year 2 classes will have weekly challenges added into their home reading records encouraging them to take part in reading response activities at home linked to the books they are reading.  These include writing a short diary entry for one of the characters, writing them a letter or designing a birthday card for them.  I hope this will help the children to engage more with the books they take home.  Has anyone else looked into the idea of ‘daily 5’ and whether it would suit the year 2 classroom?

Here is a link to information about the daily 5

Hello world!

I love to spend hours looking on the internet for ideas for school.  I can lose days on pinterest! Id love to implement all of the ideas I find but a lot of the time I forget where I saw them or just forget to use them.  That’s why I thought id try to collate all of my inspirations together in one place.  I have been really enjoying reading teaching blogs too so thought id link them here so I could find them more easily.

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